Treatment Options For Bunions

Treatment Options For Bunions

Bunions are a common podiatry problem that result from inflammation and damage to the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP). Bunions are most commonly identified by the bony protrusion that develops at the base of the big toe on the affected foot. Bunions can be painful and Bunionmake it difficult to fit into your shoes or even walk properly in severe cases. Dr. Vipul Patel, a podiatrist at Bullitt County Foot & Ankle Center, P.S.C. in Shepherdsville, KY, offers conservative and surgical treatment for bunions and other foot and ankle problems and injuries.

Bunion Treatment in Shepherdsville, KY

Bunion treatment depends on a few factors, such as the size, the degree of pain and other symptoms, and whether there is damage or potential for damage to the MTP joint. In many cases, bunions can be treated conservatively through rest, or lifestyle modifications like changing your footwear or wearing supportive inserts. Some of the conservative treatment options for bunions at Bullitt County Foot & Ankle Center, P.S.C. include:

  • Orthotics - custom designed or over the counter shoe inserts that provide arch support and help to keep your feet and ankles in alignment to avoid excess pressure on the joints, heel, and ball of your foot.
  • Splints - worn at night, splints help to realign the big toe into the proper position (bunions cause the big toe to slant away from the joint and towards the other toes)
  • Padding - Larger bones can create friction between the skin and the side of the shoe, increasing the risk of redness, blisters, corns, and calluses. Padding the skin helps to protect against irritation, especially for patients suffering from diabetic foot conditions and are at higher risk for complications even from minor foot irritations and issues.
  • Physical therapy - to help prevent joint stiffness and degeneration (arthritis)

When is Bunion Surgery Necessary?

Surgery is typically considered a last resort after conservative treatments have failed, or in situations where pain and joint damage is debilitating and impairs mobility. Your podiatrist may recommend bunion surgery to remove scar tissue or to realign bone.

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